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Welcome To The Bitchery

No repercussions. They “dumped” an injured man over the Mexican border because “he looked Mexican”. He was injured and mentally ill. Possibly an American citizen.

The Border Agents were reprimanded not fired or arrested.


More border agents are no longer following the law. There needs to be mass arrests of these border agents. We cannot have a rogue agency in our nation doing what they want. They also have guns at the rate we are going with this collapse of law and order by those who are suppose to enforce it, it could easily lead to a massacre along the border. I think we are dangerously close to it.

Massacres by our government forces have been done before no reason to believe it will not happen again. Dumping a mentally unwell and injured person over the border is a collapse in basic humanity and collapse in seeing people as people but as the other. Remember they said “he looked Mexican”. Their actions proved they did not see him as human.

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