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Trump’s destructive validation of racists-Washington Post


Michael Gerson, an avowed conservative, takes on the Republicans and so-called conservatives on their tolerance of racism. I love when true believers have to knock some sense into their more idiot members.

Several years ago, researchers developed an Implicit Association Test — a sort of computerized “blink test” measuring how subjects associate positive and negative words with people of different races. The immediate reaction of a politician to the KKK is a kind of political blink test. The right response is revulsion. And there has generally been a Grand Wizard exception to the prohibition on name-calling.


For a politician on the right, this is an entirely costless Sister Souljah moment. The repeated refusal to seize it conveys an impression of calculation. It indicates a strategy of no enemies to the right.

History has little sympathy for those who supported Stephen Douglas for his views on tariff policy or internal improvements while playing down his belief that the rights of minorities should be determined by the majority. As Abraham Lincoln saw it, America fought at Gettysburg and Antietam over the most basic questions — how to define the protections and promise of a great republic, as well as the duties we owe to each other as human beings. This remains the central issue of politics — the source of its nobility when it serves human dignity, and a source of dishonor when it reflects baser motives. It is not possible to build the greatness of this nation — this shining example in the conscience of humanity — while forgetting or undermining its deepest ideals.

I found this article which terrifies me. Trump needs to be compelled by his donors and supporters to release his tax returns now.

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