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Welcome To The Bitchery

Trump says with the tariffs there will be a “little” pain. No. Let’s say its just stocks. Well investors will be hurt but what happens when a companies stock goes down? The first line of defense is protecting the stockholders so there will be buy backs. This will affect workers and expansions.

Also there are too many variables to know that we will be better off in the long run. In the meantime this could easily send us into a recession. Have we truly recovered from the 2008 one? The Fed rate is still very low and it can only drop down so much. Actually in 2008 it had far more room to drop then it does now.

This is an extremely dangerous gamble. If Trump is gambling. I am not discounting the fact he wants to trash the economy just to trash it. In fact this is more likely.


If this is a gamble it would be like someone who never gambled with cards decides to go to Vegas and enter a Poker Room. You will be wiped out. China President Xi knows what he is doing along with Merkel and Putin. Trump doesn’t and he got rid of folks who do.


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