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Trump totally not a racist . . . says David Duke, while proving just exactly how racist the Republican candidate and platform are

It’s not exactly news at this point that the former Grand Wizard of the KKK loves Trump, and that Trump hasn’t exactly repudiated the KKK. Now he’s very clearly connecting the dots that most Republican leaders wanted kept less obvious. None of this is a surprise to any progressive who has been saying this about the Republican party for the past while, but it’s hard to get more blatant than this. Choice quotes above, NPR interview audio following:


“As a United States senator, nobody will be more supportive of his legislative agenda, his Supreme Court agenda than I will,”



Republicans who have spoken out against Trump, he added, are “betraying the principles of the Republican Party and certainly conservatism.”


Well, the definition of “conservatism” used by the Republican party in the past few decades, at least. Duke is telling the truth there and Republican voters should consider what that really means

Not to mention:

  • “Trump’s using my “America First” campaign line.”
  • “Everyone’s too ‘PC’ and they’re afraid to talk about politics because they’ll be called racist.” (Shades of Clint Eastwood here . . . )
  • “ I have a long record of being in favor of protecting our borders from this massive immigration.”
  • “Racial discrimination against European-Americans”.
  • And throwing in some anti-semitism while at it.
  • “Of course Trump voters are going to vote for me! We represent the same things!”

Funny how it’s difficult to dogwhistle when the frequency has been adjusted so everyone can hear it. But really. If practically every single talking point you have is fully supported by the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, you just might want to think about what that says about your political views. You can’t say “he doesn’t represent me and doesn’t represent my party” when you’re all saying the same things, just maybe in a slightly different tone of voice.

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