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Weird! Shocking! Now, I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, because 1) the hardest hit spots got SOME aid and the governor was just asking for more for them and then some aid at all for the lesser damaged areas 2) I don’t really know what the threshold is to get aid and what Obama’s administration would have said either and 3) Trump’s people aren’t really in charge of FEMA yet (except for temporary “acting” administrators).

However, I’d love for these Trump-voting assholes to be able to recognize that them being denied aid = a Republican platform, essentially. Again, I don’t know what a Democratic administration would do, but Republicans are the ones who speak out against things like disaster aid (unless it affects them). Regardless of what Obama would have done or what is normal, they will be bitter.


Will these Trump voters keep living in denial? Will they have a moment of awareness and be part of the beginning of the voters who will immediately and directly suffer under Trump and change their tune? Time will tell!


ETA: just so I’m clear, I’m betting on denial here, but it doesn’t hurt (votes-wise, obviously it mega-hurts) that Republicans/Trump’s aggressive and harmful agendas might actually be effective quickly.

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