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Trump vs. Roger vs. Tonight's Debate

Trump’s skipping the Fox News debate tonight, in part for Megyn Kelly related issues. The other, greater, part is Trump’s ego and need for control clashing with fellow egomaniac and control freak Roger Ailes.

Trump wanted Kelly out as moderator, but no way was Ailes going to capitulate on that. You can’t let somebody dictate those kind of terms and maintain your credibility, but having the whole debate overshadowed by a personal showdown between one candidate and the supposedly neutral moderator is also pretty inappropriate. The smart thing would have been to make nice behind the scenes and spit whatever promises and reassurances necessary to get their big ratings ticket up on the stage. Instead, Ailes personally drafted a straight-up insulting statement calling Trump a coward.


Pretty sick burn, and a great way to back him into a corner and guarantee that he’d skip the debate, which was kind of the opposite of what they wanted to happen. Word is that belated nice-making is being attempted, but Trump is insisting on having Ailes cut out and him dealing with big boss Rupert Murdoch directly. All these ridiculous power plays. Trump’ll be rival rallying on CNN during the debate, hoping the spectacle dents their ratings enough for him to crow victory, which he’ll probably be doing regardless.

I enjoy a nice GOP circular firing squad as much as anyone, but lately I find myself wondering whether I’ve begun to enjoy Trump’s antics on their own merits. I mean, Ted Cruz is always fucking things up for his own party and causing them nothing but headaches, but boy I can not stand that guy at all. Just plain despise him. His smug, half-melted face totally repulses me, though Trump’s face is at least as smug, and that notorious hairdo should be as big of a visual stumbling block. As for Roger Ailes’s face, the less said the better. Maybe I’ll eventually grow into a visceral Trump reaction, but the odiousness of his immediate rivals makes me feel uncomfortably close to being on his side.

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