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Trump always calling refugees as invaders he calls Mexicans rapists and murderers. His new head of ICE claims he can tell who will be a gang member by looking into their eyes.

Now Trump now wants spikes on the walls and has used graphic language about possible injuries. Trump has used the term deterrent for child separation. We all know the prior Homeland Security Secretary did not know how many children has died in custody.

Yet I cannot help think of a historical incident. It was done by a leader called Vlad Tepes. The man based on the Dracula legend. He was facing an invasion by Turkey so he had about 200k Turkish people as POW, prisoners etc that he was holding. Similar to how Trump is detaining thousands of refugees who like Tepes called invaders. Yet with Tepes these were real invaders and with Trump and his followers they are invaders only in their fevered imagination. When the Turkish army came they faced a forest of 200k impalements.


When I saw what Trump wants done I immediately thought of this historical story. I am not sure if it was intentional on Trump’s part but it instantly occurred to me.

Note I am almost positive these spikes won’t be used for same purpose but the almost scares me. Especially since this country has performed massacres before like at Wounded Knee and our treatment of people of color has been consistently more cruel then kind.

I really believed we were becoming a better society but I am sure people in every nation before it stepped into darkness thought their nation was becoming a better society. Now I feel like we are about to step into a darkness that history and our future generations will never forgive. Spikes on the wall terrifies me in what could happen especially considering what spikes were used before against invaders real or imagined.

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