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Trumpcare Is Causing Unneeded Stress To Seniors

We were watching Hawaii 50 when my mother’s friend called circa 80. She was all upset. I swear she watches way, way too many hours watching CNN and MSNBC.

My mother said she would call during the commercials and at 10:15 after we took BF amd GF after H50.

Anyways this is what she was upset about. She has Medicare and a supplement (private company). She thought supplement could drop her and place her in high risk pool and she is scared they will. Because of Trumpcare.


My mother kept saying it really only applies to those less then 65 and not her. My mother kept telling her she has government insurance and the supplement is not what’s being discussed. That she will not end up in high risk pool nor can supplement send her there.

I do not blame my mother’s friend since yesterday we have been thrown so much data on the news about Trumpcare its easy to misunderstand. I am hoping the Senate bill will be less horrible. No matter what we are screwed thanks to the deplorables.

Yes my mother could have explained just because they are safe so far, it adversely affects non seniors although seniors on medicaid coulld be hurt. But my mother thought it was more important calming her down and allaying her fears.

I suspect my mother’s friend is not alone in being confused and upset.

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