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Trump's Budget Proposal: A Thought

So as everyone knows, Trump’s budget proposal is new funding for the military, and screw everyone else. A thought just occurred to me as to what his motivation he might be. Remember back during the campaign when Trump was all “The military will torture people for me.” And the response was “Um, yeah, no. The Military won’t follow illegal orders, even if they come from the President.” and then Trump replied “If I tell them to do it, they will do it.”?

Is this big increase in military spending an attempt to try and buy the military’s loyalty? I could totally see where a man like Trump would think if he gives the military the right presents they will sell out their oaths and do what he wants. I could also see where it would never occur to Trump that the family members of people in the military rely on programs like Meals on Wheels and school lunches, and that savaging the poor and calling in compassion when a large percentage of US troops are from poor families is not going to go unnoticed.

Also, I would not be surprised if someone like Trump thinks he can buy the loyalty of the military with big flashy things like warships, which aren’t all that much use against Daesh, rather than the much more humble gear useful in things like house to house fighting.


As this article from the Guardian observes, Trump’s budget proposal is probably just his opening bid, meant to give the Republicans in Congress wiggle room to come back with proposals that still have deep cuts but will look more palatable by comparison. Still, I can’t help but wonder if Trump’s proposed military spending is meant to send the message “See what I would give you if I were totally free to set the agenda!” to the US military.

Whatever goes down, we can’t let people forget that the Trump administration called eliminating funding for Meals on Wheels “compassionate”. Surely that one has to give pause to all but the very most dedicated members of his base.

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