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Welcome To The Bitchery

Where does he find these people? Trump’s pick for his health policy expert on the Domestic Policy council, Katy French Talento, is a former nun who claims that the birth control pill causes infertility and miscarriages after a woman goes off it.

Her claims are based on a study by Dr. Robert Casper, an Ob-Gyn at the University of Toronto. However, when Casper was contacted and asked about Talento’s use of the study, he disputed her interpretation.

Oh, and at the height of the Zika outbreak, she advised women to have their husbands sleep on top of the covers, so that the Mosquitos would favour them. *head desk* Even if this were true, Zika can be sexually transmitted.


Why not just advocate for mosquito nets for people who are worried about contracting Zika?

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