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Trump's Listening Session

Did it seem almost surreal? Except for a few they all seemed to have been chosen because they want guns in the classroom. One young man wanted all teachers carrying. Too many seemed to just say really nothing.

I do agree getting into schools is way too easy. In high school I think card readers for entering is a must.

I was really impressed with the young man who actually brought evidence and laws from Australia and Maryland. I was impressed with the Sandy Hook mother and the father from Columbine.


Trump’s solution well was jaw dropping. Mental institutions but this time it will be for thought police. We saw the horrors of mental institutions of the past. Yes they are more regulated and better but let’s not return to the days where it was easy to place folks in them. I assume new ones will be privately owned most likely by same owners who own prisons. So torture like electric shock and lobotomies will return. Because MAGA. Read One Flew Over The Cockoos Nest for an idea of the depravity. Also google images of torture used.

I do know most mental health facilities are very good today but once they turn into places for mass incarcation for folks as Trump said for folks you cannot put into jail which means we will have thought police.

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