Reading the description of the summit seems like round two of the war against the media. Round One was obliteration of Gawker media (we know the details and players no need to rehash).

His attack on Zucker and Katy Tur are lies and inexcusable. He did not name Tur by name but article indicated it was her she was talking about. Also attack on Martha Radditz was disgusting.


I would not be surprised if Libery Media and Briebart become the favored White House news organizatons. Hell maybe even Christian News Broadcasting and the Catholic channel.

I assume Liberty Media has a news organization (loose defintion) beynd having Rush and other right wing big mouths.

If you meet a Trump voter they need to be asked one question “what have you done”. I suspect in a year few will admit to voting for him who are not White Nationalists.