The purge will be.

A) Push for early retirement of all trans soldiers

B) Fire those up for promotion

C) Deny them reenlistment.

This is a purge not a ban. Do not kid yourselves. I do not quite understand how you can toss a person out of the military because they are up for promotion.

Also it appears this could be part of a religious right take over of the military. The Archbishop of Military Services the Archbishop Broglio is totally for this purge for obviously religious religions. Its from Breitbart but it came up on my google news feed and I really don’t feel like hunting for a second source. I will assume what the Archbishop wants is true. Don’t read the comments if you value not screaming.


Makes me think this entire purge is about the 33 percent and nothing more along with the religious right trying to take over the military.

Also why the hell do we have an Archbishop of Military Services? It should be nondenominational only.