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Trump's "take a look at her" statement nailed by a Republican pundit

I was watching Jake Tapper on CNN. He had on democrat Governor Granholm (former governor) and republican pundit S.E. Cupp. I was hoping the Governor would be the one who nailed Trump the best. She did an excellent job but Cupp. Nailed Trump’s line about the People magazine reporter who said he sexually assaulted her, his response was “just look at her”. That is obvious “she is too unattractive to sexually assault” which is just degrading. Cupp called him a child who cannot resist being the frat boy who cannot take sexual assault seriously.

She is right.

Why do I get the feeling of being set up. This election cycle I have been enjoying both Cupp and Ana Navarro because they are some of the few republicans who called Trump out for his words and actions. Yet I know I am not alone liking and agreeing with them. Once this election is over why do I get the feeling they and other republicans who spoke out against Trump will find it easier to lure democrats. Before Trump ran I strongly disliked both now I always drop what I am doing to watch them. I am sure my dislike will return November 10th yet part of me likes not disliking them.


Where is Cher to slap me and say “snap out of it”.

In case you wonder who Cupp is I am sure most have seen her on CNN or before that MSNBC.

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