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Trusting yourself even when you are misunderestimated.

I think as is common among those who are more junior in a field, I am experiencing some tension between trusting my knowledge and educated guesses, and rolling over and capitulating to those more senior to me. Just in the past couple of weeks, I have been vindicated (mostly in private, sadly) several times:

1. My diss mentor did not believe me when I stated something about something junior researchers can do when their grants are under review with the NIH. I was vindicated when I got my sreviews, and got praise from reviewers for doing exactly what my diss mentor said not to do.

2. I had a concern about something another mentor wanted me to do with a grant app - and it turns out the reviewers agreed with me.


3. A pub we submitted came back, and the reviewers said we needed to do x, y, and z (related to theory and stats) - and these were things I had in the paper, but senior mentors told me to take out.

I’m not right 100% of the time, but I am getting nice evidence that not everything I think and do is completely wrong (I feel like a couple mentors basically constantly think anything I say or do is wrong). I’m struggling with this again with another pub - a few different mentors took out specific pieces that I 100% believe need to be in the paper. I plan to move forward with them in, but I feel some anxiety about that (after all, they have WAY more pubs than I do). It seems to me the worst that can happen is that the reviewers disagree and tell me to take it out.

Tell me about times you have had similar struggles. And if you have learned to trust yourself, how? Do you generally feel like others believe you, or do you feel like you are often misunderestimated?

ETA: all of my mentors are women - which adds another layer to all of this.

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