Today during the noon hour we were driving to the other side of the city. So we passed through Downtown. Going down Main Street there are two lanes. One closest to the side walk and one next to the middle

We were the car next to the middle. The car ahead of us by a car length suddenly stopped about 20 feet from the corner. My mother had to also make a fast stop. Why? A man decided to cross the road. 20 feet away was a corner with a button that when you hit it will coordinate the lights so you can cross. Or simply wait for the light to go red.

Nope he just walked casually in front of us. Not a care it seemed in the world. Do you know what would have happened if the driver behind was not mpaying attention? Yup rear ended.

I hope everyone walks to the corner not cut across. 20 feet that all he had to do.

I assume everyone has had to stop short in traffic because of folks like this.