My Other Brother in Law (OBiL) just told me a story about My Annoying Brother in Law (ABiL) that I have to share.

A bit of background: ABiL has a history of being extremely judgemental about other people's weight. Some examples: when Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for an Oscar, he spent the entire Oscar broadcast making gagging noises whenever she appeared on screen. When Molly Ringwald appeared in the tribute to John Hume at the Oscars he went on and on and on about how fat she had gotten. (She looked rather average to me.). His wife was a size 0 when they started dating (now she's a 2) and her small size was something he would boast about, like he was winning some sort of SO tournament because his was the smallest.

In the past year or so, he's put on a fair bit of weight. He sat at home unemployed for six months, and seemed to be rather depressed, which probably accounts for it.

So anyways, for his new job he had to get a picture id taken. They took one, but then then the photographer told him she would have to take another one to "get rid of the shadow from his double chin."

ABiL sent OSiL and OBiL an email saying that he drove home with tears in his eyes and that he complained about her to both his immediate and regional managers.


Yes, it was undiplomatic of the photographer (could have just said there was a shadow to get rid of, without specifying) but really?

I don't expect him to learn anything from this. If anything I expect him to double his efforts in fat people mocking to distance himself from the possibility he might be fat.