of everything that is fucked up/bad right now. If I make a list, I will be overwhelmed by it and I will believe it, and it will be extremely difficult to go out into the world. It will make me feel like this:

I will want to curl into the tiniest ball until I vanish, but that's not how life works. I know I need a therapist, but until then, can you help a girl out? Got any good, happy, life-affirming gifs? I'm sure there's a Hiddles gif for that (there always is). If only Cavill were as gif-ogenic (like photogenic, but not? is there a term for that?)....


I've been streaming Community, but I just got to season 4 (the darkest season), so additional happy things are needed. Thanks so much errbody.

ETA: Of course, I request gifs on a night when Kinja has decided we don't deserve to see them. Thank you for trying, and please continue. I'm sure we'll see them eventually. Also, Thanks Kinja Help People!