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Trying New Foods/Drinks: What Have You Tried Lately?

I’m housesitting at a place owned by a British fella and my friend. As such, he has random foods originating from the area and shitloads of tea. His fiancee is one of my friends and she was like, “nosh on whatever we got” so I’ve been trying the Brit foodstuffs.

First thing I tried was HP Brown Sauce. Not bad, but much too vinegary for my tastes. It was like eating A1 Steak Sauce mixed with ketchup that someone had dumped a bunch of malt vinegar in. Surprise surprise, the second ingredient is malt vinegar. I feel like this is definitely an acquired taste. If I kept eating this in small amounts, I’d get used to it.


Next up: Heinz Salad Cream. I had never even heard of this stuff before I saw it in her fridge. This tastes like super vinegary mayonnaise. In small amounts, this could be really good. Like a thin layer on a sandwich. Question for any British folk: do people actually put this on salad?

Lastly, I saw some Pimm’s in the liquor cabinet (I was OK’d to have a tipple from there by homeowner; I don’t go thieving). I just happened to have a San Pellegrino in lemon flavor so I mixed that with the Pimm’s to make a Pimm’s cup. It was SO GOOD. Like, epic deliciousness. I love gin, I love liqueurs, I love fizzy lemon soda-the Pimm’s cup combined all of those into the best drink ever. That will be my new go-to drink when I go out.


What new foods/drinks have you guys tried lately?

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