I generally try to keep my posts very light-hearted, and not talk much about my personal life, but I'm having a minor freak-out and I am seeking reassurance!

I am an MFA candidate in industrial design, and am just about to begin my thesis work. I have just gotten a giant vote of confidence from one of my professors. So much so that he has offered to completely adjust a class schedule for me, and do one-on-ones via Skype, all so I can take his class in person rather than have to do the class online with someone else. This is a HUGE deal. It means he really believes in my thesis project, and is advocating for me .... and now I'm terrified! I'm so afraid that I'll shoot myself in the foot somehow, all because someone has expressed high expectations of me.

Please tell me I am not doomed to fail, and that someone having faith in me and my abilities does not mean that I'm guaranteed to disappoint them.