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Trying Something Different

I was an early adopter of technology. I have owned at least one computer and telecommunications device (modem, broadband) since early 1984. I was on one of the world’s first bulletin board systems (BBS), CBBS-1. I remember bitnet.

Since I entered law school, I have pretty much lived and breathed with a laptop close at hand. My laptop has been a regular presence in my briefcase no matter where I’ve gone.

But I’ve been cutting back. I’m gradually moving to a paper calendar. I’m taking more notes on paper. And I’m trying to divorce myself from my computer a little. I even switched up my office at home so that I have digital and analog workspaces.


Two weeks ago, I bought an older-generation Chromebook for $50. It stays on my desk at home. It works well enough for me to communicate and use MSOffice online, since all of my documents are in the cloud, but just barely. My good laptop stays in my office. The screen isn’t as good as the one on my laptop, etc. It’s strictly adequate.

It seems to be working. I’m spending less time dinking about with the computer at home, and more time doing things.

Anyone else tried changing up their digital life of late?

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