Brand new baby girl is going to break me. Because she had a rough start, I tend to feel sorry for her and last night she broke my will. She is a little Velcro girl, probably because she has been homeless and her last family adopted her and returned her three weeks later. She wants to sleep in bed with us so badly but she is supposed to sleep in her crate. She is not having it. She cries and barks for what feels like an eternity. Last night I caved and slept on the floor with her, my stupid reasoning being that at least she wouldn't be in bed. Logically I know that training her to sleep in her crate and view it as her safe place will help her be confident and happy, but she has my heart. Team Dog, I need help. Did anyone have a dog resist the crate and how did you get through it?? Here is a picture of my girl in exchange for your help.