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Trying to give myself a break. (TW dieting and body image)

Slate has an article today which points out that 97% of dieters gain back the weight within five years. Needless to say it was really disheartening to read.

I only want to lose a few inches from my waist. That's all. Maybe 10 pounds. I've been working on it and I know it takes time, but I just tried on my old skirts (a bad idea to do after dinner, but oh well) and they are still far too tight. I'm going to the gym at least twice a week, if not more. I'm not tracking every little thing that I eat, but I've recently decided to give up alcohol for a while. I got really frustrated this evening about my weight and my body.

BUT. I am trying to be easier on myself. This post was originally much more wallow-y and sad, but instead of hitting Publish I did two things: I skipped dance class (my calves hurt anyhow and I deserve a break; I plan to do an hour on the treadmill tomorrow if I can), and I went to the market and bought zucchini, salad dressing, some flatbread crackers, and some natural peanut butter.


I don't think I'm eating enough hearty food during the day, so my plan is to increase what I eat by adding a zucchini salad (like literally just spiralized zucchini noodles in cucumber dressing) to my lunch and also adding some peanut butter on crackers as an afternoon snack if I need one. This will be instead of caramel corn and gummy bears. I am not tracking calories just yet (I'm willing to bet that I'd be horrified what my delicious BBQ-cranberry slow cooker chicken racks up, so I'm just going to enjoy it instead) but it's a good start. I'm also trying to be positive in that I DO see some changes happening, and that trying on skirts right after dinner was a bad idea. So that's what's going on right now in Corgiland.

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