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Tsarnaev Sisters

I read the Rolling Stone article that's been stirring up controversy with the poorly chosen cover photo. I liked it, it doesn't provide anything close to an answer or a reason, but at least it's new info and maybe a little insight as well. Too bad the writer's efforts have been so completely overshadowed by a stupid selfie we've all seen a million times before. In any case, the whole thing's worth a read, but here's one paragraph that jumped out at me.

Jahar rarely spoke to his friends about his sisters, Ailina and Bella, who, just a few years older than he, kept to themselves but also had their own struggles. Attractive, dark-haired girls who were "very Americanized," as friends recall, they worshipped Tamerlan, whom one sister would later refer to as her "hero" – but they were also subject to his role as family policeman. When Bella was a junior in high school, her father, hearing that she'd been seen in the company of an American boy, pulled her out of school and dispatched Tamerlan to beat the boy up. Friends later spotted Bella wearing a hijab; not long afterward, she disappeared from Cambridge entirely. Some time later, Ailina would similarly vanish. Both girls were reportedly set up in arranged marriages.


I mean, what the fuck. The sisters might have thought they were living in 21st century America, but one tiny failure to uphold their family's standard for female purity and the trapdoor drops right out from under them. Step one, of course, is to immediately cease all education, because having one of those gives a person way too many options in life. Maybe options beyond being locked into an arranged marriage and quickly bearing a succession of children. I don't much envy the poor high school kid who had his crush's knuckle-dragging brother show up looking to rearrange his face either.

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