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Tue. AM OT

How are y’all doing? How’s your day lookin’?

I’ve been trying to get in at least a little bit of exercise every day all summer. And last night, I was laying in bed, thinking, I’mma get up first thing tomorrow and go for a nice long walk and work up a big sweat...


And another part of my brain went

I. am. soooooo sick! of being sweaty! Every damn day, just dripping sweat. Sunday, we sat outside for the Corn Feed for 4 hours. And that was 4 hours in 90 degree+ temps and 90% humidity. For 4 hours!

Yesterday, I went for a walk with a friend in 80 degree+ temps and 90% humidity and ended up drenched. I want one day when I’m not dripping sweat and sunscreen. So, I’m not working out today, dang it. Maybe some light yoga but no fucking sweat!


Also, can it be late Sept. now, please?

Anyway, how are y’all? :D


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