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tuesday AMOT

morning! how are all of you guys??

i was supposed to head to NC last night for a meeting ride-along this morning, but because of delay shenanigans, my colleague was like ‘go home, i may end up having to drive from raleigh to wilmington if i miss the connection, so... go back home! no worries!’

so, i ubered back home from hopkins, hopped in my car and grabbed dinner. there is a fish place close to my house (HAHAHAHA MY HOUSE THAT I BOUGHT), and i had been wanting to try it. it happened to still be open and so i got a catfish dinner and ZOMG it was so good. then i went home, and i got in bed, and i slept ALL through the night. i must have been SUPER tired, because i typically wake up at least once during the night to pee or whatever, and i just didn’t. i also know i was dog tired because i had three really vivid dreams. so yeah, i feel good this morning.


anywho, you know what to do!

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