I got my credit reports printed today. It was something that I was avoiding for a very long time, as I was sure that it was utterly trashed and I didn't want to face myself and the damage I'd done. But, I REALLY want to get approved for an apartment that I toured yesterday, and I realized that the discomfort of dealing with this would have to pale in comparison to the shaking and sweating I've done by running from it.

I told my best friend about it, she was really encouraging and told me she's gotten her own score up by over 200 points in under three years. After years of bad debt, she's now in good enough standing to buy a house if she wants to. We try to hold each other accountable as much as possible, so I committed to her that I was going to do this today, despite being terrified about it.

I just got back from the bank. I got all 3 reports printed and signed up for a credit monitoring feature that will notify me by email every time my score increases. The banker was so nice and supportive and gave me tons of advice about how to take care of business and get back in good standing. It wasn't even as bad as I'd freaked myself out to believe it might be- I'm averaging 550 something, which, yeah, is not a good score, but I make my car payments and only have a few open balance collection accounts. One of them is with an old apartment complex for somewhere around $600, but I found some old gold I'm going to get appraised, and I have my tax return coming, so I can get it taken care of soon and apply for the place I toured yesterday.

I'm so relieved.

Also, I filed my taxes today and have $1000 coming my way in three weeks, along with my financial aid money, so I can buy a bed and some very basic stuff to furnish my place with. I'm very excited. If I get the apartment, I'll absolutely give you guys a photo tour when I get it set up.


And I got my cat from my old roommate's place and I think we are both very happy to be reunited. Yay! Here's a picture of Catface (that's his GT username, I don't want to doxx him), just for the hell of it.