Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It is Tuesday, right? So how is yours going?

I got back from my weekend trip at 1 o’clock this morning (was supposed to be 9 pm yesterday). I got on my plane, then they took us all off and had to reassign us to different flights (I don’t envy the group that had to so that!). I guess I’m just glad they were able to get me in a flight that day and that I had no connecting flight (the lady next to me needed to catch her flight to Dublin, fortunately they got her on one that would get her to LAX in time).


Then, I get home and the maintenance work that was supposed to be done on my apartment yesterday wasn’t. Instead there was a note saying it was going to take longer than expected, he didn't want to leavee without a toilet overnight (I appreciate that) and he’d be back today. So, instead of a relax and regroup day off work after my trip, I'm listening to some guy taking out my toilet and ripping out my bathroom floor. So yay.... 

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