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Tuesday Night Brain Dump

And now, the Groupthink feature that needs no introduction

1. No cheap-ass wine for me this week. The shrink started me on some new meds, and I think it's a good idea to lay off the booze until I'm used to how they affect me.


2. One of the ways they affect me: I almost fell asleep in my Star Wars RPG Saturday night. It didn't help that I was in one of those battles where I spent the whole time trying to get to a good spot to shoot at stormies, and once I finally got off some shots, they missed, and it took forever between turns.

3. New this week: Sunbutter Cinnamon Surprise granola. It's basically this recipe with the following added: 1 extra tablespoon of brown sugar (because I have a sweet tooth), and extra teaspoon of sugar, and a half cup of rice crispies (for the texture) added to the dry ingredients; 1 tablespoon of Sun Butter (or Peanut Butter, if you don't have peanut allergies in your house) added to the wets. It's very good.

4. What's the deal with Tom Brady? Is he really all that attractive? I'm a hetero(ish) male, so I'm not any sort of judge of what women find sexually attractive. But if I were to pick NFL players that I find sexually attractive, Brady wouldn't even be on the list. The list starts with Collin Kaepernick, by the way. I have given this some thought.


5. The high school I teach at has a new, strict dress code for the students and while I hate it for being so stupid, it's giving me a great chance to talk to the students about gender issues.

6. PhMom's family is going through a crisis right now involving her grandmother's estate. She is still living, but in poor health, and needs to sell her house, and it just gets worse from there. I want to die with no possessions, so that no one will fight over them.


7. At Target on Saturday, two people stopped to say, "She's so cute!" about my three-year old. I always feel so awkward saying "He's a boy." I try very hard to moderate my tone of voice so that I don't sound pissed off or ashamed or judgmental, but people always seem so embarrassed.

8. Ph.Mom sent me on a quest at Target to see if there were any bubbles in the clearance section. As much as I love autumn weather, the summer clearance section is just about the most depressing sight you can see at Target. It's like the graveyard of summer.


9. I should be going to bed instead of trying to think of a ninth thing to say. Why did I pick nine things in the first place?

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