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Tuesday O/T: There are tourists in New York? Where Have You Traveled to Today?

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I swore I would refrain from starting posts but I can’t wait for someone else to start up the daily O/T.


About an hour ago I took the beast out for his lunchtime stroll before the rain settled in. When I left the building there was a bemasked woman kind of ambling along, looking at our nondescript surroundings. She asked me a couple of questions about the neighborhood in halting English and I responded behind my own mask 6 feet away. She asked me where one of the few local attractions was. I told her, but I said, “I’m sure it’s closed.”

“Do you think I should get on the metro system and go somewhere else?”

“Um, yes.”

Normally, I would have so many questions for this woman. Where did you come from? How did you get here? Where are you staying? What were you expecting to find?” But I was so dumbfounded I didn’t.


My husband has two theories. One, she got stranded here a couple of months ago and is cooped up with relatives and thought our neighborhood might have opened up a little. “Not all New Yorkers speak like you, Lovey Howell.” Two, her husband or someone got shipped here on some “essential business” and they managed to score a hotel room and she’s on her own.

It was very weird. I feel like I’ve had some kind of contact with an extraterrestrial being. It was all the more disconcerting because I’ve been helping tourists for the 30+ years I’ve lived here and they helped me for the decade I was visiting before that.

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