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I looked so exhausted this morning, our coffee counter guy took pity on me and gave me a free shot of espresso in my giant iced chai.

Do to some really bad timing, the dream apartment fell through, so we’re back to looking. GC and I had a discussion yesterday about the fact that I don’t want to work in a windowless den and she said it never occurred to her that I’d need sunlight so much. I have a sleep disorder, I have a million plants, we moved into our current place because I loved having a sunroom so much, my first response on every tour is, “Wow, I love how bright it is in here!” I’m a freaking visual artist who works with multiple shades of the same colors!

Her being a scientist and living her life mostly in a windowless lab, it never struck her it would be an issue for me to not be near light while I work from home.


Anyway, we have 4 places lined up for this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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