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Tuesday Ramblings

Hi everybody! I barely even have a reason to post tonight- I just want to make sure I keep posting and you keep posting and we keep the lights on at GT even if the rest of Gawker goes dark. Speaking of... is there new news? Any News? I literally have not been to any of the MP’s and just got home from a brutal day at work (ask me about decomps pulled out of water! Or... you know. Don’t) So I have no idea how this whole thing is progressing. (Also- what in the hell actually happened? I feel like I’m trying to cobble it together and there’s blackmail? And a guy a Conde Nast is gay? And I’m not sure who would care about a mag editor being gay unless he were married or something. And then all the writers/staff doubled down and have been assholes? Am I getting this right?)

Mostly I guess I wanted to talk to some other knitters. I could have posted over in Making; but I dunno. I feel like with all of this whatever happening, everybody seems to be pulling in to their respective “home base” subblogs.

So-anyhoo- I have bought a set of 9 inch Hiya Hiya sharps circular needles. Pewople seem pretty split on them- either absolute slavish devotion love or pure unadulterated hate. The hated it crowd seems to be mostly knitters who already know how to knit socks on DPN’s or magic loop. I... cannot knit anything on DPNs or magic loop, so I figured I would give these guys a try. Maybe I can have socks! Or gloves! Or you know- other small tube like items! I’m actually really excited about it- and I still have Prime (until August 5th) so free 2 day shipping means I can actually get these needles cheaper and quicker than going to the LYS! So awwwee yeahh boyyyee!


So to reiterate. Have no real reason to post, I just don’t want you to forget about me

Also, lets rap- how ya doing GT, lets get into your feelings man.

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