This fucking day.

I didn’t get to sleep until late, so it was hell getting up this morning. Stumbled around and realized that I’m out of face lotion, so I’m going to have to sport my zombie flesh all day.

I forgot my wallet, so had to drive back home, meaning I missed the lovely bubble of ‘no traffic’ time.

The plan had been to get into work early, but instead ended up on time. Oh well, I still have a bit of time to chill at Starbucks and drink my mocha.


Except I drop my fucking mocha and it went EVERYWHERE. A champ of a barista helped me clean it up and got me a new one, but at this point, my whole morning is turning into a turd.

After rummaging through my bag, I realized that I’ve forgotten by hair brush (HOW? I KNOW I FUCKING PACKED IT) and my hair is a mess, so I’m going to have to blow money at CVS to get another stupid hairbrush.


And that work I was going to get done (because I was totally going to be in early) hasn’t been touched because now I’m too rattled to even start looking at it.


Anyway, please, please, rant with me so we can burn away the crappiness of this day.