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Tuesday Stupidity and One Fun Thing

It’s not even 10 am yet and here is how my day is going:

I forgot my key card to get into the office.

Once in the office I realized I didn’t have my lunch and would have to go back to my car.


Borrowed a friend’s key card to get back in and went to my car only to realize I had left my car keys at my desk.

Looked in my car window and saw that I didn’t have my lunch at all and realized I must have left it at home.

I also started working on something my boss told me to do that is usually the responsibility of a coworker who is leaving so I need to learn how to do it until they hire someone new and realized I can’t do it because our weekly schedule needs to be up on the website first and it’s not on the website because our weekly schedule doesn’t get finalized until Tuesday afternoons. And I want to cry because lately I’ve had so much to do that I can barely stay on top of it and even though I try to write everything down an alarming number of things are still falling through the cracks and now I have another thing to be responsible for and even though it’s not my fault that our schedule isn’t finalized yet it still feels like one more thing that I can’t do right.

Now, the one good thing, because it’s boring and annoying to just complain, is that on Saturday I had the cutest chat with a very cute boy in a bookstore. The book I was buying is from the publisher Europa, and he was like “oh I’ve been hoping someone would pick that up, it’s on my to read list.” And then we started talking about how amazing Europa is and he was like “yeah, when you read something by them you know it could either be amazing or it could be exquisite.” It was delightful.

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