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Tuesday Tantrums - Join me won't you?

Cause Fuck It Friday is too far away!

Screw you smoking dude who makes my apartment smell like an ashtray. And screw the landlord who refuses to even pretend to do something about it. And also screw the landlord who is too cheap to hire people who can actually manage a building - no one even knows how to program the boiler - meaning my apartment was 79 degrees this morning. And smelled like an ashtray. With a faint whiff of nasty cat box and general human filth wafting down the corridor from the hoarder who management will also do absolutely nothing about*.


Screw you client who literally sat in front of me making a list of people to tip, counted out cash and somehow still didn’t tip me. I wouldn’t be so mad if she hadn’t been a generous tipper in previous years. And probably she just totally spaced and will feel terrible when she realizes she forgot me. But it didn’t feel great.

And finally screw you Republicans who are all creaming in your shorts at the passing of the shitty tax bill. You just can’t wait to grind those undeserving poor into the gutter can you? Too bad you define the poor as anyone making less than $175k/year.

Here’s the list of how they all voted. I hope every last yes man gets voted out next November.

*I have sympathy for my neighbor who is clearly mentally ill and also claims to have cancer. But she has at least 10 cats. In a one bedroom apartment. The cats are rescues, but she is not caring for them properly and they deserve the basics like a clean litter box and an apartment not so full of junk they could die and never be found. We have Florida size roaches in the building and this is nowhere near the South. I have seen them crawling out of her apartment. (My apartment stays roach free thanks only to CONSTANT VIGILIANCE!) You’d think the cats would kill the roaches but no.

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