Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tuesday Thoughts

-If a person calls you and says they found your resume on CareerBuilder, they're not asking personal info like, a second number, your social or anything crazy. Just "I'm working on filling a permanent job and I would like to offer you money if you are qualified." Why would you yell at that person? Even if you're no longer looking for work, being polite is too taxing?

-Groupon has some vibrators for sale under the Goods. Health & Beauty sub category Sexual Wellness. Vibrators, lubes, and apparently a sexy school-girl outfit. So damn you really can buy anything on Groupon.


-I live for a cruise on the 21st!! Yay but I have about 4 million lists to make, still haven't gone through my clothes, make spare keys for the pet sitters and I have no energy to do a damn thing because of my period.

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