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Tulsa Massacre of 1921 and the Austin bombings. (TW: Racism and murder.)


I’m sorry if this is incoherent and rambling, I’m tired and this has been on my mind.

One of the last survivors of the Tulsa Race Riot/Massacre died a few weeks ago at the age of 99. Hazel Smith Jones was a toddler when she and her family were imprisoned at a fairgrounds for several days.

In 1921 about 300 black citizens of an affluent Tulsa neighborhood often called “Black Wall Street” were murdered and their homes and/or businesses looted or destroyed.


No one was ever convicted of charges for the deaths, injuries or property damage. Many deaths were covered up.

I thought about this when I read that the Austin bomber was likely targeting prominent Black families.


I think about it when I think of the 2nd Amendment worshippers who are afraid of losing their guns. I suspect that they would love to be given license to do something like this. Like, they are just itching for a reason.

They’ll pretend that pogroms like this were so long ago and things are different. Their PR is better, but it’s still the same deep down.


This sense of entitlement, this feeling of supremacy, has caused angry young white men to lash out and murder for our whole history (with white women cheering them on.)

This terrorist in Austin just carried out a US tradition. I know we don’t “know all the facts” about our latest terrorist. But we know.

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