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Tumblr recommendations?

Am I Internet old to still be into Tumblr?

I found a couple adorable new Tumblrs last week that I wanted to share.


EMM’S POSITIVITY BLOG is an art-blog that pairs cute animals with sentimental quotes. Like a motivation poster with an extra ounce of squee.

little doodles features similar content, with cute little people rather than animal mascots.

The drawings are no less adorable, though. There’s something about the artist’s gifs and pictures that I really identify with, like she scooped out my brain and tried to draw it. (That sounded more poetic and less gross in my head.)


I could probably go on and on about Tumblr recs but I think I’ll stop there, since these two recs pair together so well. What are some of your Tumblr recs?

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