Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Not morning anymore where I am, but whatever. Hit it, kids, what’s new (or old) with you?

I’ll start: I somehow managed to give myself THE WORST rotator cuff muscles and neck stiffness last night so I woke up after three hours of sleep and am now an oddly focused zombie and very uncomfortable. Hence Turdsday.


I also need a leggings brand recommendation. I have absolutely beast thighs to kill a man and calves that have literally gotten me recognized from several blocks away*, which are sub-convenient for the kind of gym legs I like (capri/cropped). Most stuff I’ve tried on in the past 6-7 years fits fine everywhere except the calves, where I’ve basically got to just tug them up and over the muscle so that they gather below my knees instead. That’s fine and workable, but I would loooooove to find a cropped leggings option that covers my calves as if they were normal and not about to launch rockets. Size 10 US or size 12 UK in workout gear works great for everywhere but calves. Anyone have ideas?

*this is a super useless superpower.

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