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Turkey Brining 101

You've heard my warning about citrus in brine, GT. Now it's time to go positive.


This year I'm doing a salt water/brown sugar/honey/bay leaves/peppercorns/ginger/cloves brine. A gentle rejiggering of this Wolfgang Puck recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/brined…

For those who are unaware, brine is the province and living space of brine shrimp, aka Sea-Monkeys. These small crustaceans use their small flagella, winning smiles and tridents to work on the connective tissue of the turkey and tenderize it, simply by going about their normal daily activities.

One might want to be aware, however, that "the most adorable pets ever to bring smiles, laughter and fun into your home" might be more a marketing conceit than an objective statement of fact.


"Pet," in fact, may be in itself a case of literary license. Unless you're used to pets who look like this...


But these are terms of art, intentionally vague. We can all agree that brine, whether it be sweet or salty (BUT NO DAMN CITRUS) is in fact where it's at.

My bird, brining happily two-thirds immersed. I'll turn it over in the morning and get the other side for 4-6 more hours or so. I simply don't have the fridge room for my giant stock pot.


Happy Turkey Day, GT!

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