We had a lovely Thanksgiving dessert swap here last week before life as we know it crashed. I’ve been (partially) drowning my sorrow in booze and internet recipes. This may sound flippant, but it’s true.

Me & Mr. 4th are hosting again this year (12 people, 4 dawgs) and for me, that means happily doing most of the cooking. I’ve been given so many great recipes here that have been family favorites of yours or tried & true winners. I make the old NY stuffing; sausage is the key, along with drunken hi jinx making it with my sisters on T~Giving Tuesday night. I’ll put the recipe in the comments.

I need a stuffing recipe that is more a dressing, I think. No meat; possibly apples & nuts? Mr’s family devoured the NY stuffing last year but traditionally, they’re more the dressing type. We made one but I lost the cheat sheet I wrote down. Gimme!


My turkey tip: Set the oven to 475 and put him in. After 25 minutes, turn the oven down to the recommended temp (usually 300~350). Leave it the hell alone. Quit opening the oven door, dammit! Baste once an hour, tops. Once done, let it sit on your counter for at least half an hour, covered with cotton dish towels. Recruit someone to carve it that won’t make a holy fucking mess of the honored bird (we could do it ourselves but it’s a good way to get someone involved and for us to get the gravy made and the rest of the meal out.) Serve!

Gravy tip: Many of you make a roux. I use a bit of cornstarch (about 2 tablespoons) mixed in COLD water, about a coffee cup full. Use the roasting pan containing the juices, over 2 burners on low. Skim the fat. Add the coffee cup business. Stir and scrape until thickened to the consistency of soupy but gravy~like. YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE STOVE! It must be stirred and scraped constantly to achieve gravy success. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know. You can always add bit of water for consistency. ETA: I’ve simmered the giblets in salted water to possibly use that broth in gravy. I’ve never used it all but I have used some in years past. I forgot about that.


So, dears, what are your recipes? What are your tips? Anyone need a question answered? xoxo