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Welcome To The Bitchery

Turning point?

I had the most horribly awful shitty Valentine's Day ever this year (and yes, I know it was two weeks ago, not the point). I was alone in my childhood room. My parents got divorced a few years ago and are now in the process of selling the only real home I've ever known. My dad was in New Mexico visiting his (not magical) hag of a girlfriend. My mom had just had hip replacement surgery and was depressed. I was studying for the bar, and none of my friends wanted to hang out. I suddenly felt the full weight of being single, unemployed, and overweight (with a mild drinking problem) at 28.

I took the bar this past Tuesday and Wednesday, as most of you know. After sleeping literally ALL of Thursday, I've been using the past two days to try and get my shit together. I've been exercising, I redid my resume and started sending it out, and have tried to get more involved in OKStupid. By this time next year, I want two of the three things I was depressed about on Valentine's Day to not be true (and one of them BETTER BE THE JOB THING).


I'm going to try to keep this momentum going. Because if nothing else, being productive is one of the best ways to help my anxiety that I can possibly imagine.

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