A Tribe Called Red, a hip-hop group made up of a three First Nations men, printed shirts to turn the table on the racist logos used by various sports teams. I, for one, think that it's brilliant.

Not unexpectedly, some white people are pissed. Music festivals where the band is supposed to perform have gotten pressure to cancel their performances.

Oh, the irony. White people want the First Nations band to be cancelled because they designed and are wearing a "racist against white people" t-shirt. But the Redskins, Cleveland Indians, and Blackhawks logos? They're obviously harmless, just leave them be! /sarcasm

The article below is a great write up on the issue, check it out!


Also, here's a taste of A Tribe Called Red's music. They mix together traditional First Nations music (drum beats, singing) and hip hop/electronic beats. I've been told they are unreal live - I strongly recommend checking them out if they come through your town.

ETA: Deejay Ndn twitter response is fantastic. Thanks for finding it Falafel Apostle!