This is the most maniacal gif I ever seen. What is happening?! I both like and fear it.

Anyhoo. Whatchya watchn'? Whatchya readin'? Seen anything good in the the-ater?

I only do VIP theatre these days. My ass is VIP status only now. Fancy.

I am re-reading Hunger Games in time for the movie. Finished the Powers comic tradeback, Justice League Dark, Walking Dead (vol. 22 bitches), Fable, and Fable Fairest. I am watching Agents of SHIELD (and I am IN LOVE with Agent May, LOVE, desperate, admiring, adoring, love). Watching Constantine. Hmmm...that's about it really. How sad.

I saw Big Hero 6 in the VIP theatre. I cried like a hundred times, I laughed, I loved.

Seems everything I do lately is comic related. This not on purpose. Your turn!