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TV help?

Hey hivemind! I have a new TV (since my ex moved out and took his), and I have a question that Google can't seem to answer. Is anyone here familiar with LG TVs? (ETA: Model number LB3600!)

I don't have actual television (cable/satellite) and don't plan on getting it, and I also don't have a console or anything. I got a Smart TV so I could watch Netflix on it! But every time I turn the TV on, it's on the static channel, and I have to manually go to Netflix or any other app.


Does anyone know if there's a way to set a home screen on a television or does it always automatically go to cable? I would take anything - settings, Netflix, even blackness, but the static and noise is so jarring!

ETA: I can't believe I bought a television to watch Netflix.

ETA2: Thank you everybody!! quattro vagina is a chair (lol is that your Halloween name?!) told me to set the TV to an input that isn't being used, and it's just blackness, which is perfect. I wish there was some nice home screen for the apps, instead of having them just come up on the bottom in a row, but this is good! Thanks for all of the responses! :)

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