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TV/Movies Unpopular Opinions You Have Especially As A Democrat

I know as a democrat and liberal I should like this character and confess I cannot.

I hate, nay despise Mike Stivic aka Meathead.

I always hated Meathead. Why? His treatment of Gloria in particular. He just dominated her it seemed like he married her because he felt he would always be the smartest in the room and center of her world. Actually I was never sure if Lear wrote Gloria to be less smart then Meathead or Sally Struthers played her that way. When they had a child and her attention went to the child he split.


I love Rob Reiner, his work on progressive issues is fantastic, and his father Carl was brilliant on Dick Van Dyke and I think he wrote scripts for Mel Brooks. Rob seems like a fundamentally good person. Yet everytime I see Rob I think Meathead and want to yell how could you have treated Gloria like that. Which goes to show he is a good actor.

Your unpopular opinions as a democrat concerning movie tv characters or stories.

Also for All In The Family viewers what’s your opinion on Gloria a lot has been written about Archie, Edith and Meathead but not Gloria. I grew up watching this show and Archie Bunker’s Place. Gloria to me was the one character I could never get a feel for. Anyone?

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