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TV Programming

Anyone else around here remember when MTV used to show actual music videos?

I’m flipping through a channel guide looking for something to watch. What’s on these channels has nothing to do with these channels original theme or their name.

AMC (which used to stand for American Movie Classics) is showing The Matrix Reloaded with The Matrix Revolution up next.


History has Counting Cars (how is this history? Ah well could be worse. Could be aliens did it)

HGTV originally had shows on how to do things around your house like hang wallpaper. Now it’s all real estate shows.

Travel has hours and hours of ghost hunting type of shows up. My mistake. I thought travel was about going places. Not hours and hours of grainy low light video and “did you hear that?”

And networks etc wonder why ratings have dropped so much and complain that everyone just streams? I like stupid fluffy programming that requires little thought but this crap isn’t even good enough for background noise. I guess I’ll see what I can stream. Sigh.

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