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I really enjoy popping into a series somewhere in the middle.

I got into Stargate and Stargate Atlantis by catching an episode during a later season. Oddly for me, some show seems to work better if you miss a few. Babylon 5 you could probably just watch season 3. I know I shouldn’t say that, but it’s the only season I come back to and watch again and again.

Sailor Moon and The Flash, to me work better if you missed a few episodes.

Hear me out.


The DiC english version of Sailor moon I missed the first 5 or 6 episodes, I started with “Time Bomb” which means she already had Sailor Mercury and I missed the very first episode. The very first episode of Sailor Moon they show you who the Moon Princess is and it’s obvious that it’s Sailor Moon. I’m really glad I missed it, because I really had no idea she was the moon princess until the big reveal when Darien almost dies. It blew my mind. I know she’s the title character, but good old 12 year old me was like No, this moon princess person has to be someone else.

The Flash. I started later and with the Arrow cross over episode. I really liked him, was super happy with the Diversity of the cast. I saw a few more later episodes and didn’t connect that Harrison Wells was the bad guy or was not a paraplegic, I just thought he was cool. In the second episode they reveal that he is bad, he stabs a guy named Stagg, and he is not a paraplegic. Since I didn’t see this episode for a while, I had this idea that the Reverse Flash was literally the reverse, so when he wasn’t using super powers he was a paraplegic, it’s was only when he was charged that he could walk and move super fast. Kinda like that version of Thor, that when they aren’t Thor they have cancer. Not some guy that was faking it so he could slowly charge his power. (Note, I don’t read the comics I watch the tv series, and then sometimes I hear about the comics)

Once again, kinda glad I missed the first few.

Anyone else feel they benefited from missing part of a TV series?

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