Why are there no tv-shows that mostly revolve around a main character who is in a relationship but is not a couple show. Shows about a main character are usually about their struggle to find love, or are single, or something of the sort. You never see someone experiencing adventures, or misadventures and getting further in their lives (or going backwards) but who are also in a relationship.

Do people in relationships not grow, evolve, experience adventures, learn new things? Are they just basically not interesting? Does their life, their ability to be interesting stop after they become settled in a relationship?

I realise that I used to actually think that being partnered meant being a less buffed version of yourself. Takes off the edges. Calms you down. Makes you less of an own identity. Like a shadow image. There were adventures you had and things you did but you did those at your wild single moments, not in your partnered ones. I realised this until I experienced a burnout ánd saw the pyramids ánd got a tattoo ánd asked my parents the hard question about my childhood ánd made silly interior design choices and much more while living with boobieguy. Life doesn’t stop just because you are partnered and actually, the adventures can be as wild. Big and small. Funny and sad. Both those you experience alone or those you experience together. So why don’t we see any of this reflected on tv?

Know what I mean?

Brought to you by Boobiechick while checking out another new show on netflix.