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TV Show Recommendation-One Day at a Time

How have I not seen this tv show recommended yet? It’s a Netflix series and the premise is your typical family friendly sitcom. Single mom, two kids, her mom lives with them. Except said mom is an Army combat vet that has PTSD; the reason she is a single mom is because her soon-to-be-ex-husband is also an Army vet dealing with traumatic brain injury, PTSD and is now doing security for the military; her mom is Cuban immigrant that came to the US as a refugee at 15; the daughter is a strong feminist that is trying to figure out who she is including her sexuality. So far the son is just dealing with peer pressure and bullying. Even the privileged landlord is having to deal with things like sobriety.

So far, 8 episodes in and we have dealt with sexism (including the paygap and microagressions), PTSD, problems in the VA, immigration, deportation, teenagers trying to figure out their sexuality, balancing culture (quinceañera) against ideals (the quinces being based in the patriarchy).


Plus, it has Rita Moreno :-) I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for some light sitcomy viewing that hits on some heavy issues.

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